Creating Cinematic Gaming Experiences

Creating Cinematic Gaming Experiences

Creating Cinematic Gaming ExperiencesCreating Cinematic Gaming Experiences

About Us


Our Mission

Mighty Narwhal Productions is dedicated to producing games which both promote diversity and celebrate coming together as a group. We seek to provide a fun and safe environment for everyone.


Our Products

Mighty Narhwal Productions is responsible for the Morra Cinematic Universal Game System-- a system for both tabletop and live action role-playing games. 

Our other products are the Mystical Rome Genre setting,  where you can travel back to the time when the Roman Empire stood above all, and become a part of the intense politics, crashing battles, and occult magic of the ancient age. Shards of Legend allows you to take on the aspects of a fairy tale, your soul half driven by your human needs and half spirited away by the need to bite the apple or climb the beanstalk. 


Our Staff

Our staff is a diverse mixture of storytellers, rules' analysts, and editors all dedicated to bringing the very best story to the table. Inclusive gaming and fantastic stories are an important driving force for each of  us. 


Code of Conduct


The following Code of Conduct is enforced at all Mighty Narwhal Productions events. If you are unwilling or unable to follow these rules, then our events are not for you. Failure to adhere to this code will lead to staff asking you to leave the event without a refund.

· People are always more important than stories and rules. Mighty Narwhal Productions does not tolerate hate in any form. Our events are a safe space for everyone. The prime directive as participants in this venue (which include cast and crew) is to polite, be honest and safe with each other.  If you violate this rule, you will be asked to leave the event.    

· No sexism, racism, bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, body-shaming, bullying, or hate speech will be tolerated.    

· To keep everyone safe at our events, everyone is required to follow the Mighty Narwhal Production Safety and Calibration Techniques. If you wish to move a scene beyond the rating of PG-13, then you must discuss, communicate, and negotiate with all cast and crew involved to set boundaries, guidelines, and limits. Before play each session, there will be workshops reviewing the material.    

· If you are feeling emotional because of Bleed (crossover heated emotions between what you feel and what your character is feeling) that’s OK and natural. If you need some time to breathe, ask for it. We’re all in this experience together.   

· Do your best to follow both the spirit and letter of the Code of Conduct and the game rules of the event. If there is a question about either, please communicate with the crew. Questions and communications are always better than the alternative.  

· Local laws and ordinances must always be followed and enforced. This includes the possession or consumption of alcohol or cannabis products by those under the age of 21.

· Please make all reasonable efforts to respect the wishes of other cast and crew regarding their desires to be included or excluded from photographs, video, etc. By extension, please try and follow their desires regarding whether or not they wish to being tagged by name in any social media or printed publications (Examples include, but are not limited to, tagging a photograph posted on a Facebook, a specific reference in a blog posting, or a contributing a quote in a local journalism forum).



Jason Andrew

Jeffrey Fowler

Jason Andrew


Jason Andrew is a writer, editor, and game designer. He lives in Seattle, Washington with his two partners Lisa and Andrea, his Pug Otter, and his American Bulldog Stella.

He writes in several genres and styles, including contemporary fiction, historical fiction, young adult, science fiction, fantasy and horror. In 2011, his story “Moonlight in Scarlet” received an honorable mention in Ellen Datlow’s List for Best Horror of the Year.

Jason is a rabid gamer, having written for several role-playing games, such as Call of Cthulhu and Shadowrun. He serves as the Line Developer for Mind’s Eye Theatre for By Night Studios, producing a number of MET products including MET: Vampire The Masquerade, MET: Werewolf The Apocalypse, and the upcoming MET: Changeling: the Dreaming. He also serves as Developer for Mighty Narwhal, shepherding in their first new game: Morra: Cinematic Roleplaying Game.


JN Childs

Jeffrey Fowler

Jason Andrew

 JN Childs is a horror and role-playing game writer, experimenting with their life and fiction. They live in Cincinnati, with their family, seven cats, two parakeets, three rats, and one idiot doge.   

They write stories of Old Gods, anguished spirits, and terribly unfortunate people. Their interests include microbiology, psychology, and cephalopods in wild attempts to piece these elements into dark horror (or designing educational games for children, which is almost the same).

Currently, their work can be found in “Under the Stairs”, ATB's “Outside In Finds a Soul”, “Apotheosis: Stories of Human Survival After the Rise of the Elder Gods”, "Immersion Secrets", and the Mind’s Eye Theater framework for “Werewolf: The Apocalypse”.  They are also working on the Mind's Eye Theater: Changeling the Dreaming and Morra Cinematic Universal Game System.


Jeffrey Fowler

Jeffrey Fowler

Jeffrey Fowler

Jeffrey Fowler is a contributing author to the By Night Studios MET titles: Pickering Lythe, Werewolf: the Apocalypse, and the Blood and Betrayal/Rage and Retribution games, as well as doing work for Shadowrun by Catalyst Game Labs, and World of Darkness titles through Onyx Path Publishing.

 He has also had fiction appear in the anthology Apotheosis, focusing on Lovecraftian mythos. He has an amazingly supportive wife, 2 beautiful daughters, and a best friend who tolerates being a semi-professional sounding board at all hours of the day or night.  

Head shot of andrew biddle

Logistics Manager: Andrew Biddle

 Drew is a lifelong gamer with 20+ years of experience writing and running both table top games and LARP. He’s successfully made the transition from AD&D to Pathfinder 2E after finally being convinced that THAC0 was an awful mechanic.

Professionally, he's play tested more games than he can count, and has managed the registration and logistics teams for several large conventions all over the country. In his spare time, Drew plays far too much Hearthstone and Heroes of Storm while trying to keep his numerous fur babies out of trouble. In addition to his digital hobbies, Drew also runs one of the largest ongoing Vampire: The Masquerade LARPs since 2014.