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Morra Cinematic Game System

Do you have a favorite movie? Did you ever pretend you were your favorite character? Morra Cinematic Universal Game system is a both a pen and paper and live action role-playing game system that is designed to allow you to play any role, in any genre.

If you want to pick something up and go, Generated Genre's are for you.  With generated genres, everything you need, as either the Director or the Players, is right at your fingertips.  

If you prefer to change things up a bit and are a fan of customization, then you can do that too! With customization features, the Director and Players work together to create the game they want to play-- from setting to character choices-- using a tool known as the Writer's Room to develop their genre and character creation. 

Once you're done, you can adventure in any world, from post-apocalyptic pony fighting rings to procedural mystery dramas where you race against time to find the killer.

Current Genres

Mystical Rome

Mystical Rome is a generated Genre for the Morra Cinematic Universal Game System.  In Mystical Rome, you get to take on the roles of patricians, warriors, priestesses, and oracles from the glory days of the Roman Empire. Magic, mystery, mythology, and merciless politics are all at play, and you must find a way to rise to the top or risk becoming another pawn.  


Cassiopeia is a LARP set in the far future, a place where  noble families rule the resources of space, space travel is made possible through the powerful "reach" of  a class of devout priestesses, and adventure and danger wait on every new world. 

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