Submission Guidelines

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We are accepting submission for Qualities!

A Cinematic Quality is what makes a character special or unique when appearing on screen. The Morra Cinematic Universal Game System measures these theoretical traits, then weighs them against each other, transforming every element into game statistics. The end result is a simulation of what might be seen on-screen through special effects and camera tricks.

Mighty Narwhal is looking for new and different Cinematic Qualities for the upcoming Morra Cinematic Game System at all point levels.

You may submit one Quality in a word document to info@mightynarwhal.comwith the subject tagged Quality Submission. Replies to submissions are not guaranteed. 

Accepted ideas for Qualities will be offered an additional writer credit for Morra Cinematic Universal Game System and $5 (payable upon the successful completion of the upcoming Kickstarter). These qualities can be for General Qualities or for a specific Quality in an existing Genre